Assistance standard as of 1 July 2016
Gross minimum wage as of 1 July 2016
Court speaks son free from shooting
Call: Chrome 6 and tROM
Possible breathing space for people with debts
Hof leaves the youngest suspicious shooting already free
Again 7 years demanded for shooting Tilburg-Noord
Debt counseling needs to fit better with the need for assistance citizens
Unemployed people in contact with poison paint
Court and Court disagree about statement ‘racist’
Disputes with DUO
Designate guardian after death
The shameful bode court fine
Important statement about stopping domestic help
Lawyer: mail Tiwos to resident Twentestraat is legally valid
Penalty in assistance fraud cases further limited
Gross minimum wage as of 1 January 2016
Assistance standard from 1 January 2016
Man can whistle to half the jackpot
Attorney at interrogation (adults)
Need a criminal lawyer urgently?
PIN card fraud and compensation
Presentation of Charity action
Child support; what about?
Alimony indexation per 1 January 2016
Warning fake e-mail CJIB
Update charity action
Tenants can claim agency fees
The Supreme Court makes an important statement about child support
LawyersCollective Tilburg 30 years! Charity action
Rent in the Netherlands down to € 200 per month
Council member SP acquitted of defamation and insult by Hilbrand Nawijn
Cutbacks on legal aid postponed
Language requirement for social assistance claimants
Brabants Dagblad: Tilburg fails to provide benefits
Brabants Dagblad 13-08-2015; Attorney at interrogation
Lawyer when questioning correct
Experiment law and ‘free money’ in the municipality of Tilburg
Under supervision during pregnancy
AdvocatenCollectief Informeert – Episode 6 Termination of rent for housing – YouTube
AdvocatenCollectief Informeert – Episode 5 Alimony – YouTube
Festival and drugs
Changes to the unemployment benefit as of 1 July 2015
AdvocatenCollectief Informeert – Episode 4 Immediate dismissal – YouTube
New dismissal law and civil servants
AdvocatenCollectief Informeert – Episode 3 Confiscation of driving license – YouTube
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Assistance standard as of 1 July 2015
Do you receive irregularity allowances (ORT)?
Joint authority and on vacation
Gross minimum wage as of 1 July 2015
Badge by name
The VOG (Declaration on Behavior)
Alcohol lock provisionally off the track
Phantom invoices
Lawyer for everyone
Holiday pay is not automatically susceptible to seizure
Gross minimum wage as of 1 January 2015
Alimony indexation per 1 January 2015
Change in child support January 2015
Really divorce
Labor hours reduction at the request of the employer
Folder Day of the divorce 12 September 2014
Shopping on the internet
Excessive fines for benefits
Assistance Standard 1 July 2014
Gross minimum wage as of 1 July 2014
Confiscation of debts
Registration now also suspends via the internet
Taking a driver’s license, what about that?
Warranty in stores
The criminal record
Penalties and fines
Right to lawyer during police interrogation
Criminal law, how do I deal with it?
A supervision of the children (OTS), what is that?
Exchange or money back, how about this?
“SGR does not give money to the victims Golden Tours”
Fines traffic violations, Mulder law
Osse with Chihuahuas sentenced to payment compensation
New debt collection with debts as of 1 July 2012
Access to a lawyer prior to your first interrogation is a firm hard law. The right to a lawyer during the interrogation is likely to occur.
The prison vs a hotel
Changes in criminal law: conditional punishment and its enforcement.
Changes to the divorce law as of 1 January 2012
The social assistance benefit has changed as of 1 January 2012.
Please note that you will not lose your holidays.
May 5 a day off?